Product Photography Practice

I was super excited to un-box some pretty packaged business products from the new skincare company that I'm exploring for my own use and to share with others.  EVER skincare is a fresh company with botanically based, chemical-free, good-for-you beauty products that are clinically proven to have real pure results!  I have been wanting to practice some more product photography, so when these new pieces came in the mail today I took the opportunity to snap some images of my new products.  I love to rep my favorite brands and I'd say I'm pretty passionate about plugging the products that make me happy.  It's just fun for me to be creative with the products in various placement for my photography practice.

If you're interested in more than just my photo captures, and would like to learn more about the EVER regimen or try out some of the products, please explore here on my Ever Specialist site and find something that might work for you or to gift!  They have a 45-day money-back guarantee on their products, so you can't lose testing them out.  The image with the product YOUTHFUL in the last block, features a clutch purse from Nena & CO., another one of my favorite boutique brands to rep!
I'm a big fan of conscious companies, fair trade brands, smaller boutique t-shirt or creative companies, especially those with things for my kid, and camera gear.  What are some of your favorite new products or conscious companies?  

Handcrafted Thank You Notes for Creative Packaging

Crafty meets Photography
You might not know this about me, but I am also an avid crafty, crocheter and sewing gal.  I continue to have another small handmade 'maker' business on a small scale alongside my photo biz, and enjoy crocheting for stress relief as well.  I love to make special handmade creative things, gifts and projects, especially when they involve using recycled materials, yarn or fabric. Last night, I worked on designing some new photography business cards, which will be arriving soon, but I also whipped up some little Thank Yous for my clients.  Found some great raised bubble scrapbook style, photography inspired (super cute camera images and sayings) stickers, blank thank you note cards, and some monogram letter B (for Brooke Austin photography of course) stickers at the hobby store.  Perfect, simple materials for me to add a personal touch to the handwritten cards I plan to stick in each portrait session images package that gets mailed out to my clients.  I love simplistic, but creative and personal when it comes to certain aspects of my businesses and life in general!