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This is my second time shooting with the lovely kid model Emmy and girl does she bring her A-Game!  Such a beauty with amazing and strong dance talent as well as a lovely ability to pose and really connect with her photographer and camera.  I just adore this kid and working with her is a breeze.  We decided to book this local creatives studio Denver Photo Collective in my area for our shoot as it has wonderful natural light and I appreciate not having to utilize my flash.  We caught the studio on a super cloudy and dreary weather day, so I wasn't sure how my lighting would be, but to my surprise and delight I shot the entire shoot without a flash, just capturing the breaks in light and snow falling white reflection through the large windows of the studio.  I'm thrilled with how Emmy's creative photos came out.  This current floral backdrop setting, inspired by Mother's Day, and designed by Ellie Cashman Design  is available through May 7th.  If you'd like to book your own fun studio time with Brooke Austin Photo here, please contact me and we will see if we can find a date!  Check out some of my favorites from Emmy's shoot!

" Dance is the hidden language of the soul  of the body." - Martha Graham

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body." - Martha Graham

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Flashback Friday | Portfolio Favorites

Flashback Friday to some of my favorite photos from my portfolio work over the past few years.

We're all golden!

I've been anxious to get out near a field of sunflowers all summer and finally found out where a few were located off the highway near the Denver airport.  I think I was a little late in the season getting out there to shoot photos (note to self get out a bit earlier in August next time), but I'm still glad I headed out last weekend for an evening sunset near this lovely sunflower field.  I didn't see any private property signs, and noticed a lot of other people and photographers walking around through the flowers quite a bit, but I am guessing this is technically a farmer's crop, so I tried to stay near the edge of the field and snapped most of these from the road or just a few steps in.  I did my best to avoid stepping on any flowers and have respect for the field while also capturing the glory of the sunflower subject! Colorado has some magnificent sunsets and though the mountains are straight ahead in these shots, they got pretty washed out in my images.  I think I still managed to get some good ones and here are some favorites from the shoot.

We’re golden sunflowers inside. -Allen Ginsberg
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Preview | Portrait Photography E

Preview images from a splendid shoot I had with this wonderful, talented and darling dancer and child model, Emmy, last week.  I had such a fun time capturing this sweetheart and she truly has amazing flexibility as a dancer, but also great patience and professional ability as a model too!  I love to capture children, both candidly and in slightly posed portrait photography as you can see more of here from a previous blog post.  I think portraits of children might be one of my favorite styles of photography!  I am proud to have gotten so many great shots from this shoot.  Check out the slideshow below of some of my favorites or head over to my Facebook page to view a handful more!  Interested in partnering on a styled photography shoot?  I've got availability and I'd love to capture you or your children this Fall!  What type of photos do you need?  I'd love to create a shoot just for you!