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Claude Monet — 'I must have flowers, always, and always.'
I stumbled upon this beautiful bunch of pink flowers on the corner near the Walgreens drug store I go to. I drove past them a few times, on multiple days, and then finally decided I simply had to have some photos of them. Flowers are just a special, symbolic, lovely thing to photograph.
Be it happy or sad moments, flowers seem to brighten the energy that surrounds us.

Painted Lady Butterflies

Sometimes it's fun to step outside of our comfort zone just a tad and photograph a subject we aren't as used to capturing! I know part of the photographer process is to keep snapping, keep learning, keep growing and the only way to do that is to practice!  I try to challenge myself to pull that camera out and stay creative, even if it's not for my normal paid people portrait style shoot.  What are your favorite subjects to photograph?  Buildings, people, cars, animals, insects, nature, landscapes, street life, products? I actually love to photograph all of these things.
The Painted Lady butterflies have been migrating across Colorado the past couple weeks and have been swarming the area, fluttering everywhere you look.  I've been wanting to try to snap some photos of them and I finally got the opportunity to photograph them this morning right in our front yard.  Have you seen the butterflies fly across in front of your car or in your yard this Fall?  Local news station Channel 9 News had a story about the butterflies.  Here are some of my favorite images from today!

We're all golden!

I've been anxious to get out near a field of sunflowers all summer and finally found out where a few were located off the highway near the Denver airport.  I think I was a little late in the season getting out there to shoot photos (note to self get out a bit earlier in August next time), but I'm still glad I headed out last weekend for an evening sunset near this lovely sunflower field.  I didn't see any private property signs, and noticed a lot of other people and photographers walking around through the flowers quite a bit, but I am guessing this is technically a farmer's crop, so I tried to stay near the edge of the field and snapped most of these from the road or just a few steps in.  I did my best to avoid stepping on any flowers and have respect for the field while also capturing the glory of the sunflower subject! Colorado has some magnificent sunsets and though the mountains are straight ahead in these shots, they got pretty washed out in my images.  I think I still managed to get some good ones and here are some favorites from the shoot.

We’re golden sunflowers inside. -Allen Ginsberg