sister, sister | child head shots + portrait photography

I love taking photos at the Denver Photo Collective studios for an indoor photo shoot option. This session was a delight with one of my son’s school classmates and her sister for some creative head shots and portraits. These sweet girls are hoping to try some commercial modeling and I think they’d be great! They did such a good job listening to instructions, posing, having fun and being efficient about outfit changes so our session would move along and fit into our time slot at the studio. I’m over the moon about the newly painted charcoal black small room at this studio, where I captured some slightly moodier portraits of the girls, and looking forward to working more against that backdrop with natural daylight and maybe some studio lighting in the future! And, you can’t beat a velvet sofa photo prop, am I right?! Adore this new peachy pink couch at the Lakewood studio for photographers to make use of.

Lakewood creative photographer, Brooke Austin, capturing lifestyle & portrait newborn, family, and child photography in Lakewood, Littleton & Denver Colorado.

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Capturing Children

One of my favorite ways to photograph is while children just play or hang out.  And, I love to practice with close-ups!  Of course grabbing my camera when that lighting seems just right, and remembering to bring my camera to normal life activities is part of the process.  I just love to capture friends' kiddos in their natural play, sometimes with ever so slight direction for light poses, but mostly just by hanging out with them for awhile and letting them be their authentic selves while I shoot.  You never know exactly what you're going to get when shooting a lifestyle free-form session.  With kids, you have to be quick and on your toes, be patient and embrace those shots that aren't perfect posed portraits, but often, in my experience can be just as wonderful portraiture type captures, because they freeze the children in a genuine, playful style.  Here's a few favorite recent captures!

Behind the Scenes

My 8 yr old son tagged along for one of my family photo shoots this past weekend, so I gave him the job of photo assistant.  I asked him to try to stand behind me and help make the baby boy smile, and I also suggested he take photos too, using my cell phone camera, to keep him occupied and give him the chance to practice photography as well.  I think it's a great thing for young children to be handed a camera and get photos from their unique perspective.  I've seen some truly remarkable shots captured by kids. 
I remember receiving my first camera as a child, when I was right around 7 or 8 yrs old.  I think I had a used one floating around the family that I borrowed sometimes, but this pink Le Clic 110 Film pocket camera, pictured below, was the first camera I owned myself, a gift from my uncle at Christmas.  It was the exact one I wanted and I thought it was amazing!  Oh the memories.
My son does some modeling, so he's often been on the other side of the camera.  I love seeing him take some initiative in trying to snap his own photos.  While he has had a toy digital camera, he is just starting to show more interest in doing video clips and snapping pics with my camera.  
Has your child shown interest in taking photos?

Here's one of my favorite photos snapped by my son, behind the scenes at a family Fall photo shoot.

Here's one of my favorite photos snapped by my son, behind the scenes at a family Fall photo shoot.