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“Take me to another place, take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan” -Arrested Development

Honored to have been a part of the volunteer photography committee at this year’s Cherry Creek Arts Festival’s Concert for Arts Education, featuring the Grammy Award winning, hip-hop, socially conscious, band Arrested Development. I had an awesome time capturing the band members and listening to their amazing live performance while also benefiting the students in our Denver community with future Cherry Arts art education exhibits, demonstrations, classes and interactive art! Fantastic, giant, inflatable sculptures stage backdrop art was created by artist Nicole Banowetz. Grateful for opportunities to shoot concert photography and look forward to doing more!

TWO Wild | Turning 2 years old | Child Lifestyle Portraits | Lakewood Photographer

A spur of the moment shoot with this darling & precocious, on the go, almost two year old! He’s a wild one, curious, a bit serious, but oh so sweet! He kept me on my toes as I casually chased him around the yard, trying to capture those big brown eyes and porcelain face for some photos that his mama can treasure and share with grandmas too! No time to overthink a lifestyle shoot like this, just let the toddler play and snap away. Happy to have captured his blue eyed big brother for a couple shots too. Birthdays are the perfect time to do a shoot, to celebrate and document those special milestones & everchanging details of the childhood journey.

Look who’s turning terrific two! “A   two  -  year old   is kind of   like having a blender  , but you don't have a top for it.” ― Jerry Seinfeld

Look who’s turning terrific two!
“A two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it.” ― Jerry Seinfeld

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Portrait Session Preview | K & B Family

The family that reads together, plays soccer, watches football and laughs together, stays together.🌾
The K & B family.
Sneak peek preview images from a recent Fall Family Photo Session.

We're all golden!

I've been anxious to get out near a field of sunflowers all summer and finally found out where a few were located off the highway near the Denver airport.  I think I was a little late in the season getting out there to shoot photos (note to self get out a bit earlier in August next time), but I'm still glad I headed out last weekend for an evening sunset near this lovely sunflower field.  I didn't see any private property signs, and noticed a lot of other people and photographers walking around through the flowers quite a bit, but I am guessing this is technically a farmer's crop, so I tried to stay near the edge of the field and snapped most of these from the road or just a few steps in.  I did my best to avoid stepping on any flowers and have respect for the field while also capturing the glory of the sunflower subject! Colorado has some magnificent sunsets and though the mountains are straight ahead in these shots, they got pretty washed out in my images.  I think I still managed to get some good ones and here are some favorites from the shoot.

We’re golden sunflowers inside. -Allen Ginsberg