Portrait Session Preview | K & B Family

The family that reads together, plays soccer, watches football and laughs together, stays together.🌾
The K & B family.
Sneak peek preview images from a recent Fall Family Photo Session.

Capturing Children

One of my favorite ways to photograph is while children just play or hang out.  And, I love to practice with close-ups!  Of course grabbing my camera when that lighting seems just right, and remembering to bring my camera to normal life activities is part of the process.  I just love to capture friends' kiddos in their natural play, sometimes with ever so slight direction for light poses, but mostly just by hanging out with them for awhile and letting them be their authentic selves while I shoot.  You never know exactly what you're going to get when shooting a lifestyle free-form session.  With kids, you have to be quick and on your toes, be patient and embrace those shots that aren't perfect posed portraits, but often, in my experience can be just as wonderful portraiture type captures, because they freeze the children in a genuine, playful style.  Here's a few favorite recent captures!