Creative Photo Shoot

What sort of art photography are you drawn to?  There is an array of photography themes that inspire me, but one of my favorites is art photography that incorporates architecture, people or vintage themes and objects. 
I had some fun at the end of October with my son and a little punching bag clown friend and took some creative photos for the sake of art expression.  I've always had sort of a fascination with vintage & retro toys and historical artifacts or memorabilia.  This Bozo punching bag theme is just me playing with my memories of being terrified of clowns as a child, yet conjointly fascinated by them.  Now, as an adult I find clowns endearing and stimulating of a variety of emotions.  I've grown to kind of love the sad tear faced clowns.  Bozo paired with my favorite boy muse is the inspiration for this creative series.  How do you feel about clowns

I applied to be a part of local art gallery Kanon Collective's small works Bibelot show and was pleasantly surprised when they accepted three of my pieces to be included in their show.  This will be my first time showcasing my photos in an art gallery setting.  I'm excited to be sharing a little part of my Creative Composition photography art with the Denver community.  I hope you'll stop by the gallery to view the variety of colorful artwork on display during December.  Here's a sneak peek of one of my pieces you'll see at the show if you visit!