Sneak Peek Impromptu Shoot Headshots | Tara

Impromptu captures of one of my good friends for a few quick head shots.  Mostly, I just wanted to practice some more and had some very casual ideas for photographing her, but she had literally just worked all day preparing for her art event and was very gracious to let me snag her and hold her down to snap these photos.  Lighting was really pretty, but super bright and we only had a few minutes, so I had to make it work.
Tara is the Director of the nationally recognized Cherry Creek Arts Festival and these shots were taken very quickly, last night at their opening evening for the Cherry Arts Festival at Stanley event that runs through the weekend.  
For 15 years, Tara, with her team, has contributed to bringing some truly amazing original visual artists to the annual festival and has been hard at work cultivating art education and appreciation to the Denver and surrounding area community.  Very proud of this creative and savvy business professional, who I am blessed to call friend.