Favorite Photography Book Finds of 2017

Interested in flipping through some fantastic photography books that came out in 2017?!
I've made it easy for you to find some of the best from this past year!

I've curated my own list of a handful of photography books that highlight either lifestyle, portrait or documentary photography in some way and stood out to me this past year.  I'm anxious to flip through each of these books at some point soon, give one as a gift or keep a few for my photo book collection and I thought you might be too!  I could pour over the pages of each of these for hours.  I just love a great photography coffee table book to absorb and share.  Yes, I included a couple of my personal favorites (i.e. portrait photographers & US presidents).  Have you read any of the titles from my list?  Can you add some other photo book favorites from 2017?  Feeling the need to keep exploring 2017 photo book suggestions?  Smithsonian.com created a ten best list of some interesting titles in the arts & culture section of their online mag.  Check out my list below!

1. From The New York Times archives you'll get a glimpse into some historical never-before seen images and their correlating stories.
2. Do you follow the White House photographers?  Enjoy history through photos?  Perhaps you like documentary photography or are a fan of our former President of the United States, #44, Barack Obama, then this book should thrill the political socks right off you.  The perfect gift for a Mr. Obama adoring friend.
3. I've been following celebrity portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz for most my life.  Find more great Annie Leibovitz artworks here!  I can't pick a favorite image of hers, because they're all so fascinatingly delicious and rich in story.  The latest book from Annie is sure to be a gem filled to the brim with iconic portraits!
ANNIE LEIBOVITZ: PORTRAITS 2005-2016 | Phaidon.com
4. A strong year for women and support of women's rights, this coffee table book should be a gorgeous look at the beauty and strength of women from all over the world.
THE ATLAS OF BEAUTY | TheAtlasofBeauty.com

[ All images are screenshots of book covers from their online purchase site descriptions.]

5. As a pet photographer myself who enjoys snapping the furry friends and for all you pet/dog lovers, here's a delightful book that illustrates the precious companions so many of us love to love.
6. In this hardcover updated edition you'll find a gold mine collection of some of the best cover captures that Vogue magazine has featured in their 125-year history. Pages rich in beauty! 
VOGUE: THE COVERS | Amazon.com
7. Recognize those mysterious aqua eyes on the girl from the cover of a National Geographic magazine that garnered a ton of media attention around the world?  Her iconic photo stares back at us on the cover of this new collection of a variety of art and documentary photos everyone should see.
8. Papermag.com gives us some perspective on photographer Devin Allen's new black-and-white photo book which highlights his Baltimore neighborhood and community.
A BEAUTIFUL GHETTO | Haymarket Books

I love to make lists, especially when they involve photography, creativity & shopping.  Click here for another fun finds list I created in a previous blog post.

Painted Lady Butterflies

Sometimes it's fun to step outside of our comfort zone just a tad and photograph a subject we aren't as used to capturing! I know part of the photographer process is to keep snapping, keep learning, keep growing and the only way to do that is to practice!  I try to challenge myself to pull that camera out and stay creative, even if it's not for my normal paid people portrait style shoot.  What are your favorite subjects to photograph?  Buildings, people, cars, animals, insects, nature, landscapes, street life, products? I actually love to photograph all of these things.
The Painted Lady butterflies have been migrating across Colorado the past couple weeks and have been swarming the area, fluttering everywhere you look.  I've been wanting to try to snap some photos of them and I finally got the opportunity to photograph them this morning right in our front yard.  Have you seen the butterflies fly across in front of your car or in your yard this Fall?  Local news station Channel 9 News had a story about the butterflies.  Here are some of my favorite images from today!

Photography in the news

The couple presented in this article has one of the top photography collections in the world.  This article explores the concept of photography as fine art and a collectible art form and presents some curious information and concepts about the journey of collecting photo art.
Read the article by Stacy Perman here:

Photo Credit: Collectors Richard and Ellen Sandor in the midst of their 2,600-piece photography collection. Bob Stefko

Photo Credit: Collectors Richard and Ellen Sandor in the midst of their 2,600-piece photography collection. Bob Stefko