What to Wear!

Do you find it daunting to come up with coordinating outfits for your upcoming Fall or Winter family photo sessions?  It can be challenging figuring out how to match up each family member without being too matchy.  A photo session is a great time to style yourself and family up and get a little dressy!  Most of us don't have too many excuses to get dressed up, so, go ahead and make your photo shoot the excuse to have some fun with styling.  The first thing to do is choose a color palette that appeals to you for the season.  Do you want neutral, casual and crisp? Are you feeling that bright red holiday vibe or perhaps a moodier contrast of dark maroon and evergreen?  Or, maybe you want to get the family dolled up in an edgy, hip look with a bit of leather and shimmer of gold or silver?

Think mom's dress color matching son's shirt, or daughter's dress color matching a pop of color in mom's statement necklace!  Women think heels, they help elongate the legs.  Men go for that sport coat/blazer. Boys look fantastic in a bow tie that matches a color on mom.  Girls look wonderful in a fancy dress with a headband accessory.  A touch of make-up and hair styled like you're attending an event is perfect!  The most important thing is for you to be comfortable, but don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone just slightly. These are just suggestions that I've discovered can really help a photo shoot be successful! Hopefully you'll spot something to stir your imagination and help you get started on picking things out. I've created some Polyvore styling sets for you to peek at! Have fun!