High School Senior Pictures

Snapped this handsome fella's photos late yesterday afternoon.  He's actually an emerging photographer and videographer himself and has done his own impressive photo sessions with some of his friends.  He's going places.  Look out world!  These young people are full of creativity.  I was lucky to have this teen be super easy going and flexible with his senior pictures session.  We went for a slightly urban theme that meets preppy & casual teen.  Love that he just rolled with it when I told him that some of the location spots I wanted to snap photos of him in were down an alley and even next to a dumpster.  It's amazing what areas you can discover settings with lovely texture and backdrop that might be somewhat hidden in grubby downtown areas with the potential to be gems.  Thankfully, this session wasn't in too grubby of an area, just a quaint smaller town downtown scene.  Looking forward to creating custom senior portrait sessions for more teens in the future.  What spot in the Denver area might be a gem for seniors to get their natural light portraits done?  How can I customize a session to show off your unique style?